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Get MTN Cheap data bundle to Ghana in 20 Minutes, and stay connected with loved ones, no matter where you are.

Delivery Time: Upto 4hours
Note: This data does Not Expiry
⚠️Warning: Turbonet SIM cards not allow

(20 customer reviews)
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Are you looking to send a thoughtful gift to your loved ones in Ghana? Look no further! With MTNUP2U, you can easily send MTN Data recharge to your friends and family members in Ghana.

Sending MTN data recharge is quick and hassle-free. Simply choose the amount you want to send, enter the recipient’s phone number, and we will deliver the MTN airtime top-up or data bundle in just 30 minutes. It’s that easy!

Whether you want to help your loved ones stay connected with their loved ones or you simply want to surprise them with a gift, sending MTN data recharge is a great way to show your love and care. Don’t wait any longer, send MTN data recharge today with MTNUP2U and bring smiles to your loved ones in Ghana.

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20 reviews for Buy MTNUP2U cheap data

  1. Emmanuel Toche

    Good quality. NowGood service.

  2. Augusto Gomes (verified owner)

    i’m very happy with this experience and is successful. Thanks

  3. Sharon Bogle (verified owner)

    Chinaitech is very reliable what it say it does,my family and friends get their credit in a jiff of a time,it is so easy to understand thanks Chinaitech I will be telling everyone about this company.

    choose-plan: 🎁20GB x 1
  4. Emma Snow (verified owner)

    Really happy with this site trustworthy and quick top ups. Actually the best one I’ve used to send to Ghana. Never had a problem with Chinaitech.

    choose-plan: 🎁4GB x 1
  5. Alexandra (verified owner)

    I am sorry for my previous comment but Chinaitech are good but sometimes just like any business frustration might stand between what is right and wrong. But I believe Chinaitech did better and learned to adjust. So they deserve 5 star from me.

    choose-plan: 🎁3GB x 1
  6. Dave Allen (verified owner)

    Excellent company. Fast, reliable service. Easy to use. Used a great number of times and never had a single problem.

    choose-plan: 🎁2GB x 1
  7. Dave Allen (verified owner)

    Extremely quick and easy! Watch out for discount codes which really make a difference! 😉

    choose-plan: 🎁15GB x 1
  8. Ale Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I’ve had an account with Chinaitech for more than one years. I’ve never had any issues sending top ups and all transactions are secure and quick. Using the app is great and my loved ones get their credit applied right away. I love it..

    choose-plan: 🎁5GB x 1
  9. Ale Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Thank you Chinaitech. Today, I send Alawao gift card to my Mom and was able to get her groceries delivered with no delivery fee today with your new promo. She was so happy. Everyone in Cuba should try😀

    choose-plan: 🎁10GB x 1
  10. Tkay (verified owner)

    Fast and reliable, found the best way to do top ups back home in Ghana. Top ups with no hustle, thank you team Chinaitec keep the system running

    choose-plan: 🎁8GB x 1
  11. Joyce Pakoa (verified owner)

    I like your service it’s quick and easy.yes you’re company are really doing well.

    choose-plan: 🎁2GB x 1
  12. Donna Fisher (verified owner)

    This experienced so far went smoothly and friends received their stuff in a timely manner thank you as this is my first time using ‘Chinaitech’.

  13. Ozrenbr (verified owner)

    Simple to use, very fast top up. Inexpensive / reasonable fee. Using it for couple of years now, top service, does exactly as advertised.

  14. Teye Stephen Doku (verified owner)

    Always enjoyed a seamless experience using Chinaitech to get data plans or gift cards. I love the fact that I can pay with Cryto.

    choose-plan: 🎁4GB x 1
  15. Teye Stephen Doku (verified owner)

    got airtime very fast in seconds

    choose-plan: 🎁20GB x 1
  16. Vlad (verified owner)

    I use Chinaitech for 5 months now to top-up the phones of my friends with airtime. I always get feedback from them on how fast they see the top-up (under 10 seconds)

    I had only two technical issues in this period of time, but they got fixed either by getting my transaction reverted on the card or if the mobile network got a technical issue, Chinaitech sent the request every 15 minutes until completion.

    Always get the invoices via email and I always know how much I pay. Low fees also when sending the airtime. Multiple package choices in the currency of your country and gift cards are available.

    In a nutshell, I’m very satisfied with this service. For those who encounter issues, I recommend you contact the help section or the support team.

    I have never encountered paying for a deal and not getting delivered. Worst case, you get your money back.

    Thank you again Chinaitech for your services.

    choose-plan: 🎁15GB x 1
  17. Wise born (verified owner)

    Chinaitech is always available when needed no matter what country I am in. I can recharge my g/f’s phone from all over the world. Chinaitech is spectacular!!! the customer service has gotten better also

    choose-plan: 🎁4GB x 1
  18. Dunya Ahmady (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with their services and responsibility. I always use this app to send credit card for my family in other country and it’s amazing and cheaper than other apps. And also they send many time discounts codes that you can use it😍

    I had just one time issue with this ( my parents were not received the amount but when I contacted with customer service they did their best) and I’m very happy and satisfied with this app😍😍

    choose-plan: 🎁20GB x 1
  19. Yvette Mey (verified owner)

    What super speedy and smooth service. Time and time again.
    Thanks team.

    choose-plan: 🎁2GB x 1
  20. Robin Newman (verified owner)

    Very useful and easy to use, I didn’t realize credit could be transferred. Very helpful for my friend in Belize.

    choose-plan: 🎁1GB x 1
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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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