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This Proxy is a Premium IPv4 proxy with support for HTTP(s) and SOCKS 4/5 with no traffic limits, and comes with the fastest connection.

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Daily and monthly plans are available

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Unlimited traffic

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100% Fresh dedicated IPs

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Premium Proxies Vs. Shared Proxies?

  • Premium Proxies are the IP addresses hosted on dedicated proxy servers that are being used only by one user. If you’re looking for the more fresh IPs, the Premium proxies are just the choice for you, which are the smaller possibility of banned by the special website.
  • Shared proxies are Referred to as Semi-Dedicated Proxies, which also are dedicated IP addresses that are used only by a limited number of users. That’s why shared proxies may cheaper, but speed is shared to use..and the IP address may be abused by other users, obviously, you can not use this type of proxies for foot sites.

What are advantages to Premium proxies

Necessary for For web scraper and crawler

Now more and more projects need the web scraper to scrape data, such as Price Comparison projects, Advertising Verification, Monitor competitor’s advertisements, and backlinks and more, same to other websites,

No matter you’re scraping or crawling E-commerce websites like Amazon, Shopify, Aliexpress…or scraping app store & google play, Monitoring mobile advertising, the proxies are 100% Needed, for your IP address will be blocked for many requests in a short time.

Social media automation, Specially for Instagram

You can use private proxies to Run More social accounts for Marketing. Now the social network is another traffic source, Lots of guys, use Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat to get the traffic!

They use the dedicated proxies to create lots of accounts to manage their social media campaign to get traffic, obviously, you have to use the dedicated proxies to manage the accounts otherwise the accounts are easily banned. There are lots of marketers who use proxies for Instagram automation tools, such as Jarvee and other IG bots.

Premium Proxies for Sneaker Bot

Sneaker websites have increased security systems to check for IPs, to check for the location of the IP, to check for duplicate orders with the same IP address to give customers a captcha before hitting checkout. IP banning is a real thing and the only way you get around that is by utilizing proxies.

So you have to proxies to Run More tasks for Copping Sneaker. It’s a hard job to cop the sneaker on Adidas or other foot sites like Footaction, ChampSports, Finishline and so on..which not allow sending too many requests from one IP address, and if you use the proxies for copping the sneaker, you can run more tasks to win this game. In short, More IP = More tasks you can run.

Efficient to SEO tools & search engines

Are you tired of ReCaptcha in Google when you’re tracking keywords ranking, harvesting competitor’s links, scraping data from search engines? When you’re doing those kinds of jobs, the proxies are 100% needed to avoid captcha for IP blocking.

Also, For SEO Tools. Lots of internet makers(IMer) use the private proxies for blackhat SEO tools, Such as GSA Search Engine Ranker, Xrumer, SeNuke, SEO power suite, Scrapebox, ZennoPoster, Sick submitter, BMD…Use private proxies can prevent the IP address Blocks and will obviously improve your submit success rate.

General privacy usages

Based on the benefits of the private proxy, you can use the private proxy to mask IP address and Bypass IP Restriction, such as,

  • Anonymous when access to websites. Proxy is the easiest way to hide your IP which is great to protect your privacy. When access to the Internet with Private Proxy, You’re without logging your own IP Address, The IP address will be shown as the IP address of Dedicated server IP. The proxy speed is faster and easy to use compare with VPN service.
  • More security on the Internet. Hackers mainly use the IP address to locate and hack into your PC or Mobile device, when you’re surfing on the Internet with private proxy servers that mask your IP address, In this way you are able to browse the internet without being traced.
  • Bypass blocked Website. There are lots of websites such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter which you’re cannot access in school or campus, so use the private proxy server you can easily bypass the Filter or firewall in school or campus.
  • Bypass internet Geographical Restrictions. There are lots of websites is tracking your IP address to show the content, such as You need to find US IP address for streaming movies on Netflix, Hulu, and The UK IP address for watching BBC iplayer…

Other private proxies usages

  • For craigslist, You can use the private proxies to run more account and help you post the ads in different cities, also if you’re scraping data from craigslist, the proxies for craigslist will help you bypass the IP block.
  • For Ticketing websites, similar to the sneaker website, lots of websites like Ticketmaster, StubHub, Songkick, TicketFly, and so on, are limited orders by one user, you can use proxies to run more tasks to win when tickets releasing.
  • For Gaming

Only live technical support in tickets and online chat. No KYC for all customers, even after purchasing the service.

We offer premium IPv4 proxies with support for HTTP(s) and SOCKS 4/5 with no traffic limits. Own servers in a dozen of DCs around the world with channels from 10 to 80 Gbps. Proxy servers work strictly through authorization by IP-address of your device.

Every 8 days you have the opportunity to independently update the list of proxies in the purchased package for free. You can always test the service before purchase or request a refund within 24 hours after payment.

We provide exclusively private IPv4 proxies which will help you in the implementation of your projects and tasks: SMM, sports betting, web scraping, shopping online stores, traffic arbitrage. You can buy proxies of the USA, Europe. We guarantee constant high uptime, stable operation, and replacement of proxies within a day from the date of purchase.

In our service, you can expect round-the-clock technical support, technical assistance is provided for setting up a proxy (online chat or connection via TeamViewer). Our private IPv4 addresses work correctly with all services, sites, and programs. Learn more about the technical characteristics and benefits that our customers receive:

  • Both proxy protocols support (HTTP, SOCKS5);
  • Personal account with flexible settings – purchase/renewal of a proxy, export of a list of addresses;
  • Over 150 networks in all countries and more than 200 subnets, which opens up wide opportunities for implementing projects of any complexity;
  • Prices – one of the most loyal pricing policies among all providers (individual proxies from 4 USD, discounts for quantity and lease term);
  • Guaranteed high speed and stable uninterrupted operation.

If you decide to buy individual IPv4 proxies from us, you can be sure that you will not have “unwanted neighbors” on your address. Every proxy individually – this is the most important rule that guides our service. We provide IPv4 addresses only for white projects, no brute force, spam, phishing, carding, and other illegal activities. The functionality of our service allows you to buy individual IPv4 addresses simultaneously for different projects and countries in the required quantity. Flexible criteria setting allows clients to get proxies with the most suitable characteristics. We guarantee speed from 1Gb/s, uptime at the level of 99%, low ping. We provide an opportunity to purchase individual proxies piece by piece and ready-made packages. service – a convenient and practical tool that works stably with different platforms, programs, and operating systems (Windows, Android, IOS). You get the opportunity to safely manage your projects, taking into account geo-referencing up to regions and cities.

How quickly is a proxy issued?

A proxy can typically be selected and connected within a minute. However, if we need to verify that the use case doesn’t violate our terms of service, the process may take longer.

In what formats are the proxies available?

Proxies are available in both https and socks5 formats. Make sure to use the appropriate port when configuring.

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