Buy a Binance USDT Gift Card Online
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Buy a Binance USDT Gift Card Online


Redeem this gift card for immediate funding and trading of USDT on Binance, the largest and most trusted exchange in the world.

Due to large demand, This order may be delayed up to 24–72 hours, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

✪ Global
This item can be used in global all over the world except the USA Country

✪ Digital key
This is a digital edition of the product (CD-KEY)
✪ Time to receive keys: 24-72 hours

✪ Expiration 
This Card does not expire

(91 customer reviews)
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  • United States dollar ($) - USD
  • Nigerian naira (₦) - NGN
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Note: In order to redeem the gift card, please follow the instructions on

⛔️ Warning! Please note that users of the following countries and regions will not be able to purchase or redeem Binance gift cards: American Samoa, Belarus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Guam, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States of America, Virgin Islands (U.S.), Zimbabwe.

Trade USDT instantly on Binance

Binance is a one of the most popular and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange networks in the world. It has support for a wide range of cryptos, offering a vast array of trading features and financial services.

USDT is a crypto currency which is considered a stablecoin, meaning the price of each coin remains a fixed price stabilized by matching the price of 1 USD per coin. Every USDT is backed by the respective amount in US Dollar, which adds to USDT’s reliability.

USDT is a great choice for trading or making payments online. USDT is a widely accepted cryptocurrency due to the speed at which a transaction can be completed, and because it is so widely used, it is very easy to buy and sell on an exchange network like Binance.

The Binance Gift Card is a safe and fast way to send cryptocurrencies to Binance users and friends – at no extra cost. Make a gift to your loved ones and give them the beginning of an adventure in the world of cryptocurrencies! Discover a wide selection of personalized card designs to collect in your private collection or share them with others. It’s the perfect way to introduce everyone to crypto!

What is Binance?

It is a cryptocurrency exchange that brings together a constantly growing community of satisfied users. With Binance, you will learn the basic features of cryptocurrencies, buy them and start exchanging.

Binance Gift Card will encourage you to share crypto or news about it with your loved ones. As you can see, it’s a trusted and proven way to join the exciting world of cryptocurrencies!

Create a personalized card design

Want to invite someone to Binance? Create a gift card! Choose from templates for every occasion, or use your impressive collection of limited-edition gift cards and send it to a friend. Browse through the available designs for Christmas, birthdays, and no occasions and create the ultimate gift. Design a message and attach a referral link, and soon your friend will be joining Binance!

How to create a gift card?

Log in to Binance and go to your profile options. Find the Gift Card and play with the latest designs to create your perfect card. Attach a link, add a message and send a gift by e-mail. From now on, your friend can comfortably explore the world of cryptocurrencies on Binance. Browse for the cheaper deals on and select a code for the best Binance gift cards. Receive it via instant online delivery and use it to share your passion for crypto! This content was copied from It is protected by copyright, all rights reserved. If you want to use it, you are obligated to leave the link to the original source.

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91 reviews for Buy a Binance USDT Gift Card Online

  1. Praise Ogbonna (verified owner)

    Bad quality I don’t know why their support isn’t responding my money hasn’t been refunded, neither have I received any email with my gift card code this is not a way this site should operate get it fixed or people may leave your site

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  2. Habibualiyu97 (verified owner)

    Best place to buy Binance Gift Card if only it could always be available i love your service please make Binance Gift Card available all the time

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  3. Engrsskumbura (verified owner)

    One thing needs improvement is that you should try as much as possible to be providing this binance gift almost always available in stock. Because sometimes it exceeds 48hrs out of stock

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  4. ibrahimyau589 (verified owner)

    Best website🔥🔥🙌🙃🤝🫶

    Please we’re waiting binance gift card to be available

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  5. Mhizstah exchange (verified owner)

    Please Chinaitech. You need to work more on reloads. We sometimes wait 3days just to use binance gift cards..

    Your services has been impressed big kudos to the heads behind this.

    More business

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  6. ALIUADEDEJI (verified owner)

    Binance Gift Card Is Always taking too long to be available,
    Please kindly always make it available within every 12hours.

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  7. Spykidoskeee (verified owner)

    Very good product but mostly out of stock

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  8. Alawalgwanda0 (verified owner)

    Best giftcard seller, we appreciates your efforts. We’re waiting stocks for days

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  9. Onoruoizabello (verified owner) card is much more available than Binance gift cards. If you guys can provide more Binance gift cards also, it will be better of. Though you guys are really trying. Keep it up

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  10. Masudabubakar973 (verified owner)

    Nice and fantastic. But So limited stocks, improve more .

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  11. olaoluwa dunsin (verified owner)

    Limited binance giftcard is the major challenge, it’s best you resolve this the soonest possible, before people starts going for alternative/similar platform

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  12. Econnectguru33 (verified owner)

    Binance gift card is not always available, please they should be an improvement.

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  13. Praise Ogbonna (verified owner)

    I waited now my order is showing me complete and I still haven’t received any mail from them with my gift card code and support isn’t responding 😭😭

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  14. Zlyboy (verified owner)

    C😎😎l site !! Very fast !!!
    I have tell alot of my friends to get Binancegift for family here this festive. Please make restock alot of Binance!!!

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  15. Balkisu Ahmed (verified owner)

    Fast and reliable service but please be making Binance voucher available

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  16. Kemi (verified owner)

    Good service delivery but always running out of binance gift card is not appealing, try and stock enough and make it available every time.

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  17. josephnampui18 (verified owner)

    The best store ever that sells Binance cards

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  18. Ebeco85 (verified owner)

    Best binance gift card web services, please restock on time, my order is still on restock. Thanks

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  19. free001 (verified owner)

    This is the best binance card provider web that I know, the best Chinaitech

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  20. Praise Ogbonna (verified owner)

    I got a card since 7:07 pm Nigerian time still haven’t received my gift card and support is not responding

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  21. Stephenson (verified owner)

    It’s my first experience today, got a gift card with an invalid code. Tried contacting support over and over again to no avail . Kindly rectify as soon as possible, I really don’t want to give such a poor review.

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  22. Ashlly M. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this site since last week, and it’s been good and delivers fast until Sunday I purchased a Binance usdt gift card and was only sent the code no pin to redeem the card, I’ve messaged the support team and am not getting any response. I will come and review this article if the issue is rectified.

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  23. Jenny R. (verified owner)

    It’s fast and easy
    I love this site …this is the best place to trade your gist card and also buy

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  24. Ashlly M. (verified owner)

    Code and no Pin
    I bought a gift card and got only code and no Pin

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  25. Susan S (verified owner)

    Easy once you get used to it
    I like how secure it is with email. However I was not asked for photo ID when I first purchased !

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  26. Victoria I. (verified owner)

    Fast and easy
    So far the greatest website I’ve come across refunds are done in a few seconds even. Bravo guys

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  27. Rosa R (verified owner)

    Legit store!!
    i was kinda afraid but i placed order you need and boom it takes just few minutes and my order key was deliver!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  28. Stephane V. (verified owner)

    that was quick
    had to submit my wo times but it all went quick, all good !

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  29. Vyacheslav S. (verified owner)

    Would be great to have bigger limits using PayPal

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  30. Joseph A. (verified owner)

    USDT Gift Card
    Its super gift card.

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  31. Ahmed T. (verified owner)

    unbelievable site !!!!!!!!! smoothie like boom
    Love you site 😀

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  32. Naveen B. (verified owner)

    Fast easy and convenient
    Good customer support and fast transactions

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  33. Hussien Y.

    Fast and easy
    I trust them I will just increase the limit of cards

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  34. اسامه (verified owner)

    سريع وامن
    سريع جدا وامن وموثوق

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  35. Marua R. (verified owner)

    All good safe and easy work! Thank
    All good safe and easy work! Thank

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  36. Gleb F. (verified owner)

    this is very cool
    I withdrew my money everything is cool

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  37. Elivinho (verified owner)

    The Redeem Key Sent To Me Did Not Work. I bought 100$ Binance Gift Cards This morning. I Received The Key But The Redeem Key Doesn’t Work. I’m Not Happy. I Need A Refund Or Replace With Another Redeem Key

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  38. Talented657 (verified owner)

    The Redeem Key Sent To Me Did Not Work. I bought 150$ Gift Cards Last Night. I Received The Key This Morning But The Redeem Key Doesn’t Work. I’m Not Happy. I Need A Refund Or Replace With Another Redeem Key

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  39. mrdacent5 (verified owner)

    One of the best gift card so far😜 love to be here💯✅

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  40. Abdulmalik Suleiman (verified owner) (verified owner)

    I Can’t love Chinaitech less and Thank you for being here for us

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  41. khalid (verified owner)

    You’re best but going out of stock is unprofessional.
    I don’t know if you loaded today

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  42. Sharhabilu Dahiru (verified owner)

    We need binance gift card in abundance.
    And I need to know the charges of every option above please

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  43. Oladejibello001 (verified owner)

    Just make the deposit and binance gift cards available all the time and with that, more and more customers..

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  44. Cheryl H. (verified owner)

    Ахуенно сделали ребята
    Очень быстро, кайфово когда не просит вериф

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  45. Giannis T. (verified owner)

    Unique And Comfortable for most 😀
    I just love that you can buy with a credit card thats a mindblowing website right here continue this <3

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  46. Mohammed H. (verified owner)

    Good service
    Bon service 👍 et bon sécurité
    Service rapide

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  47. Mohamed M. (verified owner)

    good and easy
    very trusted and good price and discount

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  48. Youssef O. (verified owner)

    Fast and easy
    Smooth operation thank you

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  49. Samar S. (verified owner)

    Fast and easy
    Trust and safe thanks for your site

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  50. Chris W. (verified owner)

    Fast easy
    Was amazed at how fast the whole process took, even registered at the same time as purchasing

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  51. Ann P. (verified owner)

    The process was very fast.

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  52. Francis (verified owner)

    fast and easy
    i trust this website 100%

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  53. Salis L. (verified owner)

    Really and good trust gift card

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  54. Eric A. (verified owner)

    rapido facil y todo con seguridad la verdad lo recomiendo mucho
    confio en mygiftcardsupply porque pago y me entregan mi gift lo mas rapido y eficientemente posible la verdad estoy impresionando

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  55. Mohamed F. (verified owner)

    Goooood product very good

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  56. Chifuniro S. (verified owner)

    Fast and easy
    100% trustworthy

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  57. Ahmed G. (verified owner)

    I got the card fast

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  58. Joesph C. (verified owner)

    I trust gift card fast and easy

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  59. Matthew G. (verified owner)

    Fast and easy
    I trust

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  60. Ahmed G. (verified owner)

    trusted site
    fast reply and cooperative

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  61. Oliver F. (verified owner)

    Fast and really easy
    first time and will definitely buy again

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  62. Juan C (verified owner)

    very good
    very very very very very very good

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  63. Hanzala R. (verified owner)

    Wishing to see the beat
    I love my chinaitech

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  64. Santiago B. (verified owner)

    Uruguay good
    i love chinaitech!

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  65. Seri N. (verified owner)

    So Helpful
    Thankyou Sam for helping me with the Smooth process all the way.

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  66. Ramy A. (verified owner)

    Fast and easy
    Fast and easy thank you

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  67. Muhammad N. (verified owner)

    Trusted Website i will definitely come again to buy more

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  68. Kevin C. (verified owner)

    Does work. Just fees high

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  69. Yousef O. (verified owner)

    Safe and fast to buy binance giftcards
    But its a little bit expensive

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  70. Losana V. (verified owner)

    Fast reliable and efficient. 100% well done

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  71. M A (verified owner)

    Fast redeemed
    i have done 5 purchases already and never misssed anything

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  72. Adele U. (verified owner)

    Super quick and reliable service
    I trust this site 100% super transparent and immediate delivery on purchases

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  73. Samuel S. (verified owner)

    I love giftcard, its easy and simple,thank you

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  74. Milton E. (verified owner)

    Binance usdt gift card
    I love this supplier but there are little problems need to solve 👉
    1.Fee charges, you charges more fees please reduce your fees even by 70%
    2. On crypto giftcards like binance usdt gift card they started with higher prices as the minimum is $50 , so you could reduce the minimum price of purchase from $10 please

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  75. Jordan (verified owner)

    Easy and safe
    A wonderful experience purchasing from this distinguished site, thank you

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  76. Franka (verified owner)

    fast and easy
    i like everything about this website

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  77. Mattew (verified owner)

    Woonderful services

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  78. Mattew (verified owner)

    i happy for purch with us and hoppe purch agin from u

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  79. Saint Lucia Saint Lucia (verified owner)

    How can I know there rate

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  80. Saint Lucia Saint Lucia (verified owner)

    Was a lil difficult to understand but I got through it and understood better in the end

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  81. John (verified owner)

    Great service! Fast delivery

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  82. Jose C. (verified owner)

    fast and email send
    fast and good quality. I love this

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  83. Jose C. (verified owner)

    fast and email send
    fast and good quality. I love this

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  84. Gona gee (verified owner)

    Trustworthy and reliable..idk why there are even any bad reviews..

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
  85. Turst (verified owner)

    Best site for buying gifts. This is not the first time I am buying and I like everything very much. Gift card is issued instantly, no errors, chinaitech team is the best of the best. Definitely recommend!

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  86. Turst (verified owner)

    The best thing is the code deliveried instant

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  87. Mohamed (verified owner)

    أنا أثق بكمداما في ثقه اعظم متجر سهوله

    choose-amount: $100 USD x 1
  88. Anonymous (verified owner)

    fast and easy!!!

    choose-amount: $150 USD x 1
  89. 2024Anonymous (verified owner)

    fast and easy!!!

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  90. Mahmoed K. (verified owner)

    Very fast very safe
    Very excellent and will not be my last

    choose-amount: $50 USD x 1
  91. Bruce E. (verified owner)

    Great Service and fast delivery

    choose-amount: $200 USD x 1
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