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5 Things You Should Know About Like a Dragon Gaiden

tep into the shadowy underworld of Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, Today we’ll delve into the 5 Things You Should Know About the game.

5 Things You Should Know About Like a Dragon Gaiden

Developed by SEGA, the Yakuza series comprises eight mainline entries and several spinoffs. This sprawling crime drama has earned acclaim not only for its fleshed out, fully voiced characters and intricate narrative, but also for its blend of humor. As we anticipate the arrival of a new spinoff, like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased his Name, I think it’s about time we reveal the five things we know about the game. Oh, and considering the vast scope of the franchise, I’ll aim to keep the discussion of previous games in the series relatively brief.

5 Things You Should Know About Like a Dragon Gaiden

Dragon Gaiden- Story 

Dragon Gaiden- Story

After introducing Ichiban Kasuga as the new protagonist in Yakuza Like a Dragon, the series is taking a U-turn, bringing back its original hero in the spinoff, Like a Dragon Gaiden. This game’s timeline falls between Yakuza 6 and the upcoming Like a Dragon, Infinite Wealth, and it reunites us with none other than Kazuma Kiryu, who, in a bold move, faked his own death to ensure his family’s safety at the end of Yakuza 6. At the start of Like a Dragon Gaiden, Kiryu adopts the alias Joryu and works undercover for the Dai-Doji faction.

Dragon Gaiden- Story2

However, as is often the case in the world of Yakuza, a new set of challenges emerges. A mysterious figure threatens to expose Kiryu’s whereabouts unless he complies with their demands. We’ve learned that Gaiden will be set across three distinct locales, Satenbori, Yokohama, and an enigmatic castle. Players can engage in side missions by interacting with an informant named Akame. Hopefully, these side stories and their quirky NPCs will continue to be scattered throughout the open world. In true Yakuza fashion, this game promises both top-notch brawling and a compelling story that really draws players into the vast criminal underbelly set in Yakuza, and it’s one that fans of the series won’t want to miss.

Dragon Gaiden- Combat Styles 

Dragon Gaiden- Combat Styles

Following the shift to turn-based combat in Yakuza Like a Dragon, Like a Dragon Gaiden reverts to the franchise’s distinctive action-brawler gameplay style. Expect some remarkably polished gameplay – it’s a Yakuza game after all. But you might be wondering, what does Like a Dragon Gaiden bring to the table? Well, it introduces two distinct fighting styles to choose from. The first allows you to tap into Kiryu’s brute strength, delivering aggressive melee moves in classic Yakuza style. In his Yakuza moveset, you’ll discover techniques borrowed from his brawler and Dragon of Dojima stances, as seen in Yakuza 0.

On the flip side, the all-new Agent style is completely different from Kiryu’s previous fighting stances in past games. This style emphasizes crowd control and equips Kiryu with an array of new tools. For instance, the Spider Gadget is a wrist-mounted wire that can be used to bind enemies, pull them closer to the player before tossing them, and even retrieve nearby weapons for Kiryu to use. The Bee Gadget deploys drones to disrupt enemies and, in a cinematic twist, he can light a substantial explosion by using the Firefly Gadget. The Serpent Gadget can be used to run even faster via a compact jet-spray mechanism hidden inside Kiryu’s shoes. These two distinct styles create a gameplay experience that shares some similarities with Takayuki Yagami from the Judgment sub-series.

Dragon Gaiden- Extreme Heat Mode

Dragon Gaiden- Extreme Heat Mode

Of course, Extreme Heat Mode makes its return in Gaiden. In the Yakuza style, this mode turns Kiryu into an unstoppable force. His destructive power skyrockets, enabling him to mercilessly pummel his adversaries non-stop. Not only does he automatically grab nearby weapons and use them against his foes, but he can also continuously execute heat actions. Now, when we switch to the Agent style, it’s all about making the most of the gadgets at hand to take down multiple enemies in style. The Serpent Gadget goes full throttle, allowing Kiryu to unleash lightning-fast kicks.

Bee drones swarm in for a coordinated attack, and the Spider Watch fires even more wires. Firefly bombs create explosions akin to rocket launcher blasts. In this state, Kiryu can dominate his enemies without even a hint of danger.

Other Activities

Dragon Gaiden- activities

Like a Dragon Gaiden is a game that skillfully balances intense combat with a plethora of lighter but no less engaging activities for players to explore and enjoy. This is what the Yakuza series has always been about, offering a wide range of things to do beyond the main storyline. You can explore the open world, engage in activities like karaoke, visit a cabaret club with live action models, participate in circuit racing, or satisfy your fighting appetite in the secret battle arena. Players can even customize Kazuma Kiryu’s appearance in the boutique.


Dragon Gaiden- Kazuma Kiryu

Kazuma Kiryu, our series’ main protagonist, now goes by the name Joryu. Once famed as the Dragon of Dojima, Kiryu reached as high as chairman of the Tojo Clan. He also ran the Morning Glory Orphanage in Okinawa for a time. However, all traces of his past life have been buried away, and he intends to keep it that way. Forever cut off from his children at the orphanage, Kiryu aimlessly fills the void with missions from the Daidoji faction.

Kosei Shishido

Kosei Shishido. The Watase family is the most powerful group within the Omi Alliance and is led by Masu Watase, who is next in line to become chairman of the Alliance. A capable lieutenant within the family, Shishido wields deadly weapons without any regards for victims’ lives. He commands authority through terror and intimidation.

Yuki Tsuruno

Yuki Tsuruno is a captain of the Watase family and its second-highest ranking member. A bold and meticulous planner, he leads the group in the absence of its head with loyalty and tenacity. He has laid a mountain of traps to ensnare Kiryu.


Akame is a jack-of-all-trades based in Sotenbori, Osaka. She is deeply acquainted with the city’s underbelly thanks to her Akame network, which spans across every nook and cranny of the city. She also acts as an intermediary for a certain person, guiding them to their destination.


Homare Nishitani III is a young yakuza who quickly rose through the ranks and took over as head of the Kijin clan. His dashing looks betray the madness swirling beneath. He loves nothing more than to put his life on the line in a fight to the death. Within the Omi Alliance, Nishitani is an immensely influential figure on par with Watase.

Kihei Hanawa

Kihei Hanawa. As a handler for the Daidoji faction, Hanawa serves as the only point of contact between Kazuma Kiryu and the outside world. His interactions with Kiryu are strictly professional and lack any warmth. He shows no hesitancy in reprimanding the legendary yakuza.

Head Priest

Head Priest. A man who serves as the head priest of the Daidoji. Detached from his earthly desires, he enjoys playing Go by himself all day long. He is one of the few people Kiryu confides in.


Yoshimura. A manager in the Daidoji faction who specializes in violence. Yoshimura prioritizes the faction above all else, ruthlessly eliminating those who pose a threat. He openly expresses his contempt for Kiryu, a man who shows no allegiance.


Boss. Other than the fact that he is a high-ranking officer in the Daidoji faction, not much else is known about this wheelchair-bound old man. As someone who possesses a significant amount of power within the organization, he demands Kiryu to keep the pact he made with the Daidoji.

And so, these are the 5 things you should know about Like a Dragon Gaiden. What do you guys think? Don’t forget to explore the chinaitech blog for additional insights into Dragon Gaiden.

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